Toyota IQ

The Toyota IQ is a fantastic city car and although just over 9ft in length it provides seating for 4 adults.  It is designed to rule the city streets, squeezing 4 seats into a car  not much longer than our fleet of Smart ForTwo's.  It's easy to park and has a sharp turning circle so it can negotiate the tightest of roads with ease.

The 1.0 litre engine offers plenty of performance for city driving and also does not feel under-powered for motorway or autobahns.  It's light steering, excellent all-round visibility and short length means it can fit in the tightest of spaces most other cars would not attempt to get into.

Despite it's tiny size, both front and rear seat passengers have plenty  of space.  The rear seats split to allow one side to lay flat to allow extra boot space if required.

For your safety there is no fewer than nine air bags, including one which covers the rear window protecting rear seat passengers.

Specifications include CD player, electric windows, trip computer and fully comprehensive insurance including European Cover (T&C apply).