Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo is THE ideal 2 seater car to explore the sights and delights of any town or city in the UK or Europe.  For those who don't need the extra practically of two more seats, the fun and excitement of the ForTwo are sure to appeal.

Considering its a tiny little thing, there's actually a fair bit of storage space, comfortably carrying 2 adults (even above 6ft tall) along with a VERY generous boot which is ideal for a family pet or ample room for supermarket shopping or chateau buys.  It has a split tailgate to access the boot and a passenger seat which folds down flat to allow longer items to be carried.

Its 998cc three cylinder engine powers this little gem along happily on any motorway or autobahn and at just over 8ft long, it's one of the smallest cars produced in Europe.  All our models are automated sequential shift transmission, so basically just move the gear lever to 'A' and off you go.  Also equipped with Micro Hybrid Drive (MHD) saving fuel on every journey.

Because of its minute proportions on the outside, but generous on the inside, safety is at the core of the design, the engine is in the rear, mounted below floor level to increase front crumple zone space and the car is built around a cage of high strength steel known as the TRIDION safety cell, which ensures the safety of its passengers.  It also benefits from driver and passenger air bags, antilock braking, stability control, hill start and traction control.

Specifications include CD player, electric windows, trip computer and fully comprehensive insurance including European Cover (T&C apply).